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In addition to serving our clients, our attorneys are active in publishing articles, conducting seminars and giving speeches. Our firm also issues many press releases and is frequently mentioned in various news sources. These resources are available for information purposes only and may be obtained by using the various search functions below.

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Jul 17 2017

von Briesen Welcomes M&A Attorney Thomas A. Myers

Randall D. Crocker, President and CEO of von Briesen & Roper, s.c., announced today that Thomas A. Myers has joinedthe firmas a Shareholder in the Business Practice Group.  Myers focuses his practice on mergers and acquisition transactions. He has many years of effective service in representing sellers and buyers of businesses including public companies, family-owned entities and investment banking and other equity funds. He has represented manufacturers, distributors, large retailers, software companies, mezzanine lenders, private equity sponsors and financial institutions in mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, finance and taxation.

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Jul 11 2017

You Don't Have to Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here): Negotiating Construction Related Relocation Rights

For most of the country, summer season also means construction season, which impacts everything from your morning commute to your vacation plans. For landlords and their retail tenants, construction season also means center upgrades and relocations. While construction-related relocations may be temporary, coordinating the details of the move may feel like a full-time job. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, a well thought out relocation clause can help set the groundwork for a more streamlined process and alleviate much of the uncertainty involved in the process.

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Jul 10 2017

A Town Hall Discussion on Open Meetings

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued its decision in Krueger v. Appleton Area School District Board of Education, 2017 WI 70, that will have wide-ranging impact on schools, counties and local governments across the state. In a broad sense, the Court determined that there are potentially numerous committees comprised of staff and administration that may now be subject to the Open Meetings Law – historically, the prevailing opinion from most local government and school district groups were that such meetings were not subject to that law. Now, many are asking questions: What was the Court's decision really about? What are the practical ramifications of this ruling? What do public entities need to do going forward in order to comply with the law? While not all of the answers are clear just yet, local government and school districts have the unenviable task of making sure meetings of its employees do not run afoul of the Open Meetings law.

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Jul 10 2017

NotPetya Malware Attack Strikes Vendor Providing Voice Transcription Service for Health Care Providers

On June 27, 2017, Nuance Communications (“Nuance”), a Massachusetts-based company providing voice transcription services to many health care providers, including some Wisconsin health care providers, was hit by NotPetya malware.

NotPetya is named after the Petya ransomware that it impersonates but, instead of requiring payment to restore data as Petya did, NotPetya destroys all data and causes permanent damage to a computer’s hard drive.

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Jul 06 2017

Changes to the Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

This spring, Wisconsin Governor Walker approved changes to the Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (“PDMP”). The PDMP is a statewide electronic database which collects designated data on controlled substances dispensed in the state.  The PDMP is accessible by certain healthcare professionals to monitor a patient’s use of controlled substances and to inform treatment decisions.  Wisconsin has had a PDMP since June 2013.

The new 2017 rules went into effect in April 2017 and make several changes to the PDMP.  This post will discuss three significant changes to Wisconsin’s PDMP, although the new rules include several more.

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