About vonBriesenOneSource

vonBriesenOneSource is a multidisciplinary in-house team of dedicated professionals who provide finance and technology advisory services in partnership with our Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business and Corporate, Banking and Commercial Finance, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Compensation and Benefits/ERISA, Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring Teams.

vonBriesenOneSource provides single-source transaction services leveraging finance, negotiation, technology and legal skills to serve clients in transactions, mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, tax planning and ESOPs: it is a client’s one stop solution when buying, selling or refinancing their businesses.

Clients benefit by using vonBriesenOneSource to:

  • gain efficiency in their deals. Our streamlined process provides coordination of all legal and financial professionals on one team. 
  • identify and address critical issues early and more promptly with one team managing the deal. 
  • streamline communication. One team, one chain of command communicating with a single voice and delivering one cohesive message.
  • provide negotiation advantages. Our trained negotiators are hired not only for deals, but also to negotiate and solve myriad business problems. We price and manage transaction risk by knowing our client’s businesses and their entire landscape of risk management.
  • achieve better service and maintain confidentiality. Lawyers are legally and ethically required to serve their clients best interests. Communications are protected by law and nothing a business owner says to their law firm can be disclosed in any post-closing actions.
  • achieve better outcomes by involvement in all phases of the deal.

When money changes hands, vonBriesenOneSource makes the experience trouble free.