MAY 29, 2024

Public Sector Town Hall: But What If You Have A Bad Board Member

May 29, 2024
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Webcast

Following up on our Town Hall from last month, which focused on Being a Good Board/Council Member, this Town Hall will focus on what to do if you're faced with the opposite and sitting idly by is no longer an option.

Our presenters will discuss the range of options and tools available to local governmental bodies when addressing an unproductive or harmful board member, including how to investigate elected public officials, code of ethics issues, conflicts of interest, inappropriate behavior and what should be included in your organization's Code of Conduct Policies. Steve, Ryan and Kyle will also discuss the limitations placed on local governmental bodies when addressing bad board member behavior and where bodies can look for assistance in those trying situations. This Town Hall is ideal for all elected and appointed officials and members of administration who must work hand-in-hand with those officials.

Please contact Karen Brunow to register.