JUL 18, 2024

Breakfast Briefing: Recruitment & Retention During a Full Employment Economy

July 18, 2024
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Practice Areas:
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With employees jumping ship in record numbers in the U.S., companies are facing a talent crunch. Challenges include the explosion of AI in recruiting, the changing expectations of a new generation of workers, and the shifting landscape of when, where, and how people want to work. Employee retention is quickly becoming a key competitive differentiator. This Breakfast Briefing will provide guidance on how to successfully attract talent, build employee engagement, and prevent unwanted turnover. Our presenters will provide insight and practical guidance on:

  • Recruitment strategies in the modern job market
  • Hiring practices designed to attract the best candidates (and expand the candidate pool)
  • Retention strategies to keep your best employees
  • Legal implications associated with these new strategies