Jan 01 1998

New Reporting Requirements for All Wisconsin Employers

Effective January 1, 1998, all Wisconsin employers with a federal identification number must report newly hired and returning employees’ names, dates of birth, addresses, social security numbers, first dates of work, the business name, payroll address and federal  identification number to the following:

Wisconsin New Hire Reporting
P.O. Box 14431
Madison, WI 53714-0431

Paper reports must be submitted within 20 days after the first day of work for the employee in question. Electronic reports may be submitted, but are required at least twice per month.

Special rules apply for employers using internet reporting or electronic reporting. Before using these processes, call 1-888-300-4473 or refer to the internet at:

This new legislation is to help in locating parents with child support obligations and thereby enhance collection of support monies due, taking pressure off federal and state welfare systems.

Details of the new law are:

• Employees who must be reported include any employee who reports to work or any employee rehired or recalled to work after an absence of 90 days or more after January 1, 1998.

• An employee is considered to include all employees for whom federal income tax is withheld thus, if you complete a W-4 form for an individual, you also report this person as a new hire.

• Part-time and temporary employees are required to be reported; there are no employees exempt from the reporting requirement and employers must report all new hires regardless of the length of employment.

• Employees hired prior to January 1, 1998 need not be reported.

• There is no reporting requirement if there is no hire.

• A newly hired individual who quits before the new hire report is due, is still required to be reported since the information may be important to locating a non-custodial parent.

• Reports may be filed electronically or in paper form, whichever is more convenient to the employer.

• Special rules apply to multi-state employers giving them two reporting options: you may report newly hired employees to the state in which they are working or you may select one of those states to which to report all of your new hires. If one state is chosen, your new hire reports must be submitted by magnetic tape or electronically. You must also notify the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Service which state you have chosen. If the multi-state employer reports all of its employees to Wisconsin, it only needs to report the information required by Wisconsin.

Questions can be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development at 1-888-300-4473.

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