Jan 19 2010

DQA Publishes Guidance on Faxed Prescriptions

The Department of Health Services’ Division of Quality Assurance recently issued its November/December 2009 Pharmacy Capsule, which included recommendations regarding the faxing of prescription orders. Specifically, the DQA advises that, for controlled substances in schedule III, IV and V, a pharmacy can accept a faxed prescription as long as the fax prescription contains the requisite prescription components. For controlled substances in Schedule II, a prescription only may be faxed for nursing home residents and hospice patients, and only if the fax contains the requisite prescription components. With regard to hospice and nursing home orders, it is important to note that the fax may only be transmitted by the practitioner or the practitioner’s agent; recent DEA activity and interpretation indicates that nurses at nursing homes and/or hospices are not always practitioner agents. Read the November/December 2009 Pharmacy Capsule here.