Apr 21 2016

Wisconsin Legislature Rescues Nonprofits from Certain Sales Tax Obligations

As winter turns to spring and the summer breezes begin to bring tourists into Wisconsin, various nonprofit enterprises, like churches and chambers of commerce, are holding their events and enjoying the great Wisconsin outdoors. While sales tax could not be further from most people's mind, Wisconsin's taxation of occasional sales by these entities can be an expensive and unforeseen misfortune. On April 15th, Governor Scott Walker signed into law Assembly Bill 553, which increases the threshold for sales tax exemptions for occasional sales by nonprofit organizations.

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Jan 24 2014

Webcast: Emerging Issues for Non-Profit Hospital Boards

Non-profit hospitals continue to receive increased scrutiny from the government, as well as the public at large. The federal government has new and more potent tools to analyze executive and physician compensation. States, especially state attorneys general, are taking closer looks at non-profit boards. In this presentation, David Edquist and Bill Jackson will discuss some of the recent developments in non-profit board governance and provide strategies to strengthen compliance with state and federal law.

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