Medical Malpractice Defense Law
Medical Malpractice Defense Law

Medical Malpractice Defense

Our Knowledge in Medical Malpractice Defense

Our medical malpractice defense team defends hospitals, clinics, physicians, nurses and other health care providers in medical malpractice cases as well as in front of medical boards. The team has decades of experience in medical malpractice defense, representative trial experience includes:

Miklaszewski v. General Elec. Co.
No. 10-CV-16. Feb. 10, 2010. Slip Copy, 2010 WL 519850. E.D.Wis.,2010

Hofflander v. St. Catherine’s Hosp., Inc.
262 Wis.2d 539, 664 N.W.2d 545. Wis.,2003
Mental health patient brought negligence and safe place claims against hospital and its insurer and against hospital’s management contractor and its insurer.

Nommensen v. American Continental Ins. Co.
246 Wis.2d 132, 629 N.W.2d 301. Wis.,2001
Patient sued hospital and its insurer.

Lewis v. Physicians Ins. Co. of Wisconsin
243 Wis.2d 648, 627 N.W.2d 484. Wis.,2001
Patient brought suit against surgeon, insurer, and Wisconsin Patient’s Compensation Fund.

Guzman v. St. Francis Hosp., Inc.
240 Wis.2d 559, 623 N.W.2d 776. Wis.App.,2000.
Patient brought medical malpractice action against health care providers.

Czapinski v. St. Francis Hosp., Inc.
236 Wis.2d 316, 613 N.W.2d 120. Wis.,2000
Adult children of patient brought wrongful death action against hospital, its insurer, and Wisconsin Patients Compensation Fund.

Staudt v. Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hosp.
217 Wis.2d 773, 580 N.W.2d 361. Wis.App.,1998
Patients brought separate actions against hospitals and hospitals’ insurers.

Mathias v. St. Catherine’s Hosp., Inc.
212 Wis.2d 540, 569 N.W.2d 330. Wis.App.,1997
Patient sued hospital, alleging that hospital owed duty to prevent physician from performing procedure without first obtaining signed consent form.

Schaidler v. Mercy Medical Center of Oshkosh, Inc.
209 Wis.2d 457, 563 N.W.2d 554. Wis.App.,1997
Mental health patient sued physician and hospital alleging various violations of statutory “Patients Rights,” negligence, and false imprisonment.

Goff v. Seldera
202 Wis.2d 600, 550 N.W.2d 144. Wis.App.,1996
Patient sued physician for medical malpractice.

Jacqueline Steinberg and Michael Steinberg v. Senen Arcilla, M.D., Wisconsin Health Care Liability Insurance Plan, and Wisconsin Patients Compensation Fund
194 Wis.2d 759, 535 N.W.2d 444
Patient brought medical malpractice action against anesthesiologist

Herman by Warshafsky v. Milwaukee Children’s Hosp.
121 Wis.2d 531, 361 N.W.2d 297. Wis.App.,1984
Negligent medical treatment.

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