About Cooperative Law

Providing legal services to a Cooperative is complex and requires a multi-disciplinary approach that von Briesen & Roper is uniquely qualified to provide. We bring together resources from numerous specialty teams, such as finance, labor, employee benefits, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, environmental, and government relations, to provide knowledgeable, seasoned advice in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our experience extends to agriculture, rural electric and telephone, energy, telecommunications, medical, dairy and grocery cooperatives. Dan Welytok is a member of the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives, the Electric Cooperative Bar Association, and a frequent contributor to the industry publication, The Cooperative Accountant.
Specific experience includes:

  • Advising various tax-exempt and non-profit organizations, including some of the nation’s leading cooperative organizations and public charities on the business and tax implications of various transactions and activities, including partnering arrangements, joint ventures, UBIT, grantmaking and related agreements.
  • Developing the organizational, contractual and distribution structure for a nation-wide wireless communications network arrangement among rural electric and telephone cooperative organizations.
  • Helping public charities and nonprofit health care organizations negotiate contracts and partnering agreements, business associate agreements, public awareness campaigns and fundraising activities.
  • Working with various boards of directors on governance and management issues.
  • Developing and organizing courses and acting as an instructor for continuing education courses for accountants, lawyers and the insurance industry.
  • Assisting in the satellite broadcasting industry’s lobbying efforts pertaining to sales and use tax in connection with drafting and subsequently modifying the direct-to-home satellite service provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.