About vonBriesenOneSource

vonBriesenOneSource is a group of von Briesen lawyers and non-lawyer professionals working in partnership to provide advice and representation to private businesses and assist in the creation of wealth. We provide responsive, efficient, and effective representation that is designed to deliver a superior outcome.

Our clients trust us to objectively advise them as they acquire, grow through acquisition or pursue additional capital or liquidity for their private businesses. We provide integrated legal and financial advice that maximizes results based on our clients’ personal risk profiles and desired timeframes.

Our team of legal and financial advisors has developed an integrated solution to help business owners create wealth through a combination of increased cash flow, accretive business investments, lower risk and the optimal sale. Our focus is not only on transactions, but also on increasing the wealth of our clients by understanding and enhancing performance under their desired risk profile.

We advise clients on a variety of business issues, but focus on the following:

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Sell Side Services – We provide a beginning to end solution that covers all aspects of the transaction. Sell side services include price determination that utilizes strategic assessment at the outset to provide clarity and vision. Constructing a buyout model, building a qualified buyer database, developing an Offering Memorandum and a sale process that includes due diligence integrated with the finance and legal teams to make it collaborative and turnkey. Our core process involves an exchange of information with buyers, vetting of buyer offers, choosing and negotiating with the buyer, due diligence management and closing the transaction. Integrating financial and legal services results in lower cost, more efficient use of time, higher probability of favorable outcomes and better protection of confidential information.
  • Buy Side Services – We identify and engage targets, perform due diligence, implement consultative valuation analysis, construct proprietary leveraged buyout models, prepare indications of interest, sources financing and prepare proposed letters of intent. The final step is finding a pool of potential buyers with the characteristics that offer the highest cost and revenue synergy opportunities. The best transaction results for our clients are realized through implementation of an auction and negotiation process.
  • Business Sales to Management or ESOPs – We handle business transitions from management buyout transactions to forming an employee stock ownership plan or ESOP. Our tax and employee benefits attorneys make exit planning or succession planning seamless. 

Business Recapitalizations and Financings
We assist business owners and companies confronting serious financial challenges. We are frequently involved in complex situations requiring short timeframes to raise capital, highly leveraged acquisitions/recapitalizations, and involve companies that are troubled to the point of bankruptcy. At the outset, we identify the proper solution with the required capital structure – whether it is short term bridge financing or long term capital investment needs.

Financial Advisory

  • Strategic Assessments – We help business owners evaluate growth opportunities and succession planning strategies that can impact the value of their business in the long term. Our financial and legal professionals have long-standing board positions in the business community. This experience allows us to provide creative financing strategies that are critical to achieving growth opportunities and succession goals.
  • Business Consultative Valuations – Our clients are primarily privately owned companies and we assist them with independent business consultative valuations for a wide variety of needs.
  • Turnaround and Distressed Advisory – We provide turnaround and financial advisory services for distressed businesses and work directly with business owners to restructure debt that improves their balance sheet.

Finding Value, Delivering Efficiency
Clients choose the competitive fee structure that best fits their needs. Our Milestone Fee Model results in fees that are typically less than traditional fee arrangements. Our proprietary deal process includes project management throughout the transaction so that we deliver a cohesive, efficient and value driven result. Our integrated team of professionals finds value where others do not – and ultimately delivers creative alternatives to traditional capital sources.

One source, one relationship – von Briesen allows clients the advantage of working within their timeframe to plan for their investment and liquidity under any number of potential outcomes.

Recent Representative Transactions

  • $18M manufacturing leveraged asset acquisition with conventional bank and WEDC financing
  • Complex $50M sale-lease back of a “to be constructed” waste digester system
  • $10.5M financial services/trust company stock sale involving change of state charter
  • $71M purchase of a majority of the stock of an industrial manufacturer and related real estate involving a publicly-traded Chinese company requiring U.S. and international securities and anti-trust review/approval
  • $100M acquisition of two affiliated manufacturing companies from private equity ownership
  • Represented Swiss buyer in purchase of unionized division of U.S. company involving an underfunded multi-employer pension plan.
  • $8M acquisition and integration of two vertically-integrated businesses into a manufacturing entity.
  • $12M redemption of an agricultural family owned business, using a variety of spin-offs, carve outs and tax free exchange transactions in conjunction with alignment of the equity interests being bought and sold.

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von Briesen Non-Lawyer Professionals

Jeffrey A. Bartlett, Managing Director of Finance

Christopher N. Lerario, M&A Advisor 

Erik R. Vickstrom, M&A Senior Advisor 

Lori L. Waldron, Director of Project Management