About Transportation Law

From businesses seeking to move goods through commerce to governmental entities looking to provide their citizens with a safe and efficient means of travel, adequate transportation and reliable infrastructure are critical to all facets of society. However, the legal issues confronting business and government as these entities navigate the difficult legal, legislative and regulatory questions surrounding the transportation system and industry are complex. von Briesen’s Transportation Law attorneys know the transportation industry and assist clients in issues ranging from traditional road/highway transportation to rail, water and air transportation. Our Section is chaired by the former Chief Legal Counsel for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the team includes several attorneys with decades of experience with transportation law issues. Our experience includes work for the largest engineering and construction companies that have undertaken significant infrastructure projects in the state. We have substantive experience in the following areas:

  • State-municipal transportation funding and assisting with WisDOT’s regulatory oversight
  • Compliance with funding requirements in state-municipal agreements
  • Contractor and subcontractor issues and disputes arising from work on WisDOT projects
  • Federal oversight of construction and other federally-funded transportation projects
  • Access, parking and setback for development and businesses
  • Utility relocation
  • WisDOT construction and utility permitting and compliance
  • Eminent domain
  • Engineering and planning
  • Commercial driver licensing and regulations
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Load and hauling regulations
  • Transit equipment regulations
  • Hazardous material transportation
  • Agricultural transportation
  • Commercial fleet regulation
  • Private carrier fleets
  • School bus regulations
  • Harbor/water transportation
  • Railroads
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accommodation requirements in new developments and issues with municipal disputes involving these accommodations
  • Municipal transportation issues, including contracting with WisDOT, funding and construction
  • Airports
  • Motor carrier fuel tax and appeals
  • Motor carrier insurance
  • Motor carrier oversize/overweight permits and regulatory issues
  • Immigration and identification verification for employers
  • Appeals from WisDOT directives or fines
  • Assistance with permit or approvals from WisDOT

Our attorneys are active members in the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association, the Wisconsin Transportation Developer’s Association, the Wisconsin Counties Association, the Wisconsin County Highway Association and the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association.