About Government Relations and Administrative Law

About Government Relations
Wisconsin’s top businesses and industries require comprehensive government solutions in a changing economic, political, and technological climate. von Briesen offers the expertise clients need to advance their interests by bridging government law practice to government relations strategies.

Our Government Relations attorneys include registered lobbyists and the team regularly represents clients before the Wisconsin State Legislature and state agencies to provide professional government relations services, regulatory navigation, and administrative law legal representation.

The broad scope of Government Relations services offered by von Briesen is designed to serve the interests of our clients in all government interactions.

Government Relations

  • Lobbying before the Wisconsin State Legislature and state agencies
  • State government relations and advocacy for client-focused impact on legislation
  • Policy analysis to clearly define the changing legislative and regulatory landscape
  • Legislative strategy development
  • Monitoring legislative proposals, committee actions, and agency rulemaking
  • Industry association engagement
  • Client and member advocacy training and grassroots advocacy strategies

Administrative Law

  • Impact rules through the rulemaking process
  • Monitor all major agency actions for Act 21 compliance
  • Provide advice on new rulemaking landscape – from Act 21 (providing that no agency may implement or enforce any standard, requirement, or threshold, including as a term or condition of any license issued by an agency, unless explicitly required or permitted by statute or rule) to Acts 39 (providing a 30-month deadline for the passage of rules), 57 (requiring legislative approval to promulgate a rule with an impact of more than $10 million over any 2-year period), and 108 (requiring each agency to review its complete administrative code every two years, in the process creating a new process for repealing unnecessary or economically burdensome rules)
  • Prepare economic impact analysis for proposed rules
  • Appear at public hearings in support of or in opposition to proposed rules

Regulatory Compliance

  • Prepare necessary support for issuance of permits or approvals
  • Preemptively discuss potential violations with agencies to avoid non-compliance situations
  • Manage interactions with agencies in event of non-compliance, i.e. issuance of notices of violations and/or non-compliance
  • Negotiate with agencies in the event of citation issuance or referral to the Wisconsin Department of Justice (or other prosecuting agencies)
  • Represent clients in contested case hearings, other administrative appeals, and litigation

Political Law

  • Political action strategies and management
  • Advise on ethics and campaign compliance for public officials
  • Offer detailed analysis of current political landscapes and trends to consider