Jul 11 2008

Wisconsin's Increased Minimum Wages

Tags: minimum wage

Effective July 24, 2008, the federal minimum wage for adult employees will increase to $6.55 per hour. The Wisconsin minimum wage for adult employees is currently $6.50 per hour. Employees performing work in Wisconsin must be paid the higher of the two rates. Accordingly, effective July 24, 2008, the wage rate for Wisconsin employees must be at least $6.55 per hour.

The state Department of Workforce Development recently announced its proposal to raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage to $7.25 per hour by administrative rule, to match the federal rate when it takes effect on July 24, 2009. A hearing on the rule is scheduled for August 6, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. at 201 E. Washington Avenue in Madison.

Further guidance will be forthcoming after the hearing date if new Wisconsin rates are announced.


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