Adapting Operations to Seamlessly Interface with Clients

Aug 10 2022

While our passion is to deliver quality legal counsel to our clients, we are ever cognizant that our clients are in business to do business. To that end, we continually adapt our business operations to integrate with the various platforms our clients use to handle billing, docketing, communications, and other administrative tasks. The following highlights just a few of the ways the IP Section at von Briesen fine-tunes its practice to seamlessly interface with clients.


A robust docketing system is paramount to IP prosecution. Accurate entry of deadlines and other data can save time, money, and effort. Our IP docketing specialists have extensive experience with different docketing systems. The firm’s docketing system is FoundationIP, which not only tracks deadlines but also has client reporting, document storage, and communications tools.  We also have experience with Anaqua, CPAGlobal, and other systems that our clients utilize.

In addition, FoundationIP is web-based, making it both password secure, and easier for our clients to easily upload and download documents. We also can provide clients direct access to their matters on FoundationIP and from anywhere the internet is available. Often, this enables our clients to maintain a paperless patent docket.


Of all the documents we generate, the one that we are most certain is read with care is the invoice. We generate invoices with accurate descriptions, client-specific task codes, and other information helpful to facilitate efficient review and processing by our clients, including in LEDES format. We also work efficiently with our clients' invoice management systems, such as Datacert, Tymetrix, Passport, and Serengeti. If you are already using electronic billing, we can integrate your matters seamlessly; if you are transitioning from hard copy invoicing to electronic billing, we can make your transition straightforward and painless.

Email and Data Security

In the course of our work, we are continuously entrusted with our clients’ most important and confidential information. Our IT department rigorously protects our email accounts and client data against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Additionally, some clients ask us to communicate through secure internet portals. For example, any email communications with those clients is transmitted through a password protected website dedicated to such messaging.

Additional Efficiency Measures

Other effective measures to improve the flow of communication and streamline processes with clients is establishing joint USPTO customer numbers and inputting data to third party foreign filing services. We have established many joint customer numbers with our clients, which allows access to up-to-date information from the patent office. Additionally, filing a patent application in several different jurisdictions involves a single set of source documents to be filed with multiple patent offices. Our clients have engaged third party services, such as Questel, to handle such foreign filings, and we have experience accurately and efficiently filing foreign patent applications.

While delivering high quality attorney work product remains our primary goal, the IP Section at von Briesen & Roper, s.c. is skilled at learning and adapting to our clients’ business systems. Let us leverage our experience to improve your efficiency and throughput. 

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