Copyrights Law
Copyrights Law


Our Knowledge in Copyrights

We understand the importance of copyright protection, particularly in a world where copyrights protect the original works of expression of authors and creators. While not an exhaustive list, copyrights may protect user interfaces, software code, writings, and recordings.

While copyright protection may exist by default at the moment an original work of expression has been fixed in a tangible medium, copyright registration in the U.S. may enhance your copyright protection and provide evidence of ownership of the work of expression, allow the copyright owner to pursue a lawsuit in U.S. Federal courts, and provide for statutory damages in the event of infringement.

We are experienced in securing, protecting, licensing and enforcing copyrights for a wide range of clients including advertising agencies, software companies, publishers, photographers, artists and educational institutions. Our team focuses on the following aspects of copyright law:

  • Preparing and prosecuting applications for copyright registration
  • Advising as to fair use
  • Enforcing copyrights and resolving copyright disputes
  • Clearing rights for a variety of uses including film, music and literary works
  • Assisting with due diligence in transactions involving copyrighted materials, including licensing, perfecting security interests and recording assignments
  • Negotiating and drafting development, licensing and other agreements related to copyrightable works
  • Litigating trademark disputes
  • Counseling clients on international copyright protection


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