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Companies that wish to hire foreign employees often struggle with a complex array of immigration categories, which include unique requirements and involve numerous government agencies. Our group of immigration attorneys and paralegals assist corporate clients in sorting through alternative immigration strategies in order to attain and maintain lawful immigration status for employees and their families. We also provide advice concerning the employer’s and employee’s responsibilities under each immigration option, while preparing the necessary forms and gathering supporting documentation for submissions to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Labor, the State Department, and other appropriate government bodies.

Employment-based immigration often touches upon other areas of the law, such as tax, employee benefits, discrimination and labor law. The attorneys in each practice area work together to provide the client with high-quality advice from experienced attorneys in these and other areas.

Specific areas of practice in immigration law include:

Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Visas

  • Professional employees, including engineers, physicians and programmer/analysts (H-1B visas)
  • Nurses (H-1C visas)
  • International transferees (L-1 visas)
  • Business visitors (B-1 visas or visa waivers)
  • Aliens with outstanding ability in art or science (O-1 visas)
  • Professional athletes (P-1 visas)
  • Religious workers (R-1 visas)
  • Employer I-9 and antidiscrimination compliance
  • J-1 visa waivers
  • Consular practice

Immigrant Visas (“Green Cards”)

  • Labor certifications
  • Extraordinary ability aliens
  • Professional and skilled workers
  • Outstanding researchers and professors
  • National interest waivers
  • Adjustment of status
  • Family-based immigrant visas
  • Consular practice

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