About Trademarks

Managing your corporate brand is an integral part of your business and determining which brands to protect is a crucial business decision. Our Trademarks Section invest their time in getting to know our clients’ businesses, marketing strategies and the markets in which they compete. With that knowledge we are able to assist clients in analyzing when, where, how and what to protect and what the value of that protection is, all the while remaining cost-effective.

Trademark registration and policing are important steps in the process of protecting the value of a trademark. But clients must also take care to use their trademarks properly by creating trademark use guidelines to maintain their strength. Our Trademarks Section assists clients in trademark counseling and protection that includes selection and right-to-use evaluations, registration, and effective portfolio management. This experience also includes Internet and domain name issues, trademark licensing, assignments and dispute resolution, which includes litigating trademark infringement cases. We have experience filing in the United States, the Madrid Protocol, Community Trade Mark, Latin America and Asia.

We currently manage trademark portfolios for over 75 clients comprising over 700 marks. These portfolios range from one mark up to nearly 400 marks in industries as varied as hospitals and health care systems, manufacturers, logistics and transportation services, batteries, real estate, information technology, financial services, education, and communications. We utilize a comprehensive computerized database to track both pending applications and issued registrations to provide timely and accurate client reports.