About Health Care Labor and Employment

Utilizing in-depth experience, the firm’s health care labor and employment attorneys provide comprehensive services covering all aspects of labor relations and employment law. The team’s areas of expertise include prevention and problem resolution strategies, employment discrimination, labor-management relations, immigration, unemployment and worker’s compensation, staffing and employment contracts, including creating and severing executive agreements.

We work as partners with in-house counsel, human resource managers, business owners and senior executives to provide proactive, on-site training programs that offer clients the information and insight they need to make the staff and health care organization face the challenges of employment law. In the event a health care employer does have to face an employee at opposite ends of the legal process, information learned through the training program can help effectively defend such claims.

An on-site training program designed by our attorneys provides several advantages:

  • program content and format is tailored to the client’s organization and its employees; 
  • program is conducted at a time and place convenient for the staff; 
  • a common exposure to program concepts and skills motivates staff to apply the concepts in a uniform matter; 
  • participants working together to apply program content create better communication and teamwork among departments and management levels; 
  • program discussions lead to more uniform management practice and policy application; 
  • an on-site program is usually less expensive than having employees attend individual courses.