Worker's Compensation Law
Worker's Compensation Law

Worker's Compensation

Our Knowledge in Worker's Compensation

von Briesen attorneys have significant experience in this specialized and ever-changing area of the law. We are active in the worker’s compensation legislative process and frequently lecture on developments in worker’s compensation law. We advise employers, businesses and corporations on preventive measures to limit employee injury claims and conduct in-house seminars for our employer and insurance clients. If claims are filed, our attorneys and support staff promptly investigate and evaluate, keeping the client fully advised. If the case warrants a hearing, we proceed with the goal of a successful resolution.

We have also successfully handled appellate cases in worker’s compensation, some representative cases include the following:

Conradt v. Mt. Carmel School. Treating physicians are not given special deference in worker’s compensation proceedings and LIRC is required to hold a credibility conference with ALJ only as condition precedent to overruling ALJ.

Theuer v. Labor & Industry Review Commission. Employer-paid health insurance premium payments and other non-taxable fringe benefits were not to be included in the average weekly wage for worker’s compensation payments.

Beecher v. Labor & Industry Review Commission. Claimant does not need to undertake a job search before they can claim permanent act total disability in an “odd-lot” case.

Society v. LIRC. Employer insurers have a constitutional right to have their liability fixed on the date of injury.


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