About Compliance

Our compliance team assists clients with matters such as the creation and implementation of corporate compliance programs, compliance education and training, advising on compliance related issues, internal audits, government investigations and self-disclosures. In order to give health care providers the highest level of compliance assistance, our team includes both a certified compliance professional and clinical expertise. We provide services for many types of health care providers including hospitals, clinics, medical equipment suppliers, hospices, nursing homes, home health agencies, laboratories, and pharmacies.

General Approach to Compliance
With government enforcement continuing to increase, our team works with health care providers to establish and implement compliance programs that are tailored to the structure and function of the organization, and designed to be consistent with applicable requirements and guidance. We consult on both the structure and operation of compliance programs with the goal of developing and enhancing the effectiveness of the program, in addition to providing analysis and evaluation of areas of compliance concern. Our team has expertise in a wide variety of areas including Medicare and Medicaid billing compliance, drug diversion, privacy and security, and patient consents.

Internal Audit and Self-Disclosure
We assist providers and suppliers with internal audits. We assist in defining the scope of the review, conducting the internal audits and investigations, and evaluating the level of risk related to the review findings. We identify options, assess risk and assist with self-disclosure as warranted.

Assistance with Government Investigations and Audit Initiatives
In the event of a government investigation or audit, we assist providers and suppliers evaluating the nature of the government’s investigation or audit and responding to those contacts by the government, including conducting internal investigations. We have worked closely with the U.S. Attorney’s office, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the Office of the Inspector General, Medicare Audit Contractors and other government contractors, and Medicaid agencies to resolve matters favorably and efficiently.