Eminent Domain Law
Eminent Domain Law

Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Our Knowledge in Eminent Domain and Condemnation

When government or a public utility needs to create a new facility, or expand an existing facility, private property is frequently needed. The process of acquiring private property, described as eminent domain or condemnation, invariably creates conflict between the government or public utility and the owners and occupants of the affected property.

Only a team of experienced and knowledgeable condemnation lawyers can provide the needed representation and obtain the best outcomes. If you learn that your property is being considered for such an acquisition, you should consult with such a lawyer as soon as you can. Some of the steps lawyers can recommend to protect your interests may be lost if you fail to take action quickly. Sometimes the best course of action is to try to change the project to protect the future use of your property. We work closely with engineers, traffic consultants, appraisers and planners.

Condemnation and Eminent Domain Lawyers in Wisconsin

von Briesen has a team of preeminent lawyers who have more than 100 years of collective experience helping property owners and occupants throughout Wisconsin to achieve the best results. We know these complex laws and have the planning, negotiating, trial and appellate experience needed to protect your interests as a property owner and to obtain just compensation. We can assist you from the initiation of the project to the final income tax reporting issues.

If you learn that property is being taken for any of the following types of projects, our team has the experience to assist you:

  • highway or street project 
  • sewer or water project
  • high voltage transmission or power line project
  • gas pipeline project
  • urban renewal project
  • redevelopment project
  • mass transit, commuter rail, light rail, street car or trolley project
  • airport expansion project

If the condemning authority is planning to take all, or any part, of the following, our team has the experience to help you:

  • vacant land
  • residential building 
  • commercial property/real estate
  • farm building or farm land
  • industrial building
  • billboard or sign
  • access

If you are being compelled to relocate your home, farm or business, we have experience in comparable eminent domain cases and securing maximum compensation for relocation costs and allowances.



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