About Start-up and Next Level Business Planning

Meeting the Needs of the Small Business

At von Briesen & Roper, s.c., we believe that every client deserves responsive, full-service legal services and counseling. The Small Business Services section concentrates on meeting the unique needs of the small and family run business and exceeding their expectations in every respect. Small businesses find themselves at a competitive disadvantage working to comply with the same regulations that apply to large corporations, but without the same resources. We work with small businesses to ensure they understand and are prepared to compete in the highly regulated corporate marketplace.

Our small business clients are value-conscious. We provide affordable options on all of our services including budget estimates for projects before services are performed.

Services include:

  • Formation of LLCs and Corporations
  • Tax Planning and Corporate Tax Issues
  • Succession and Estate Planning
  • Contract Review and Drafting
  • Assistance and Coordination of Financing
  • Lease Review and Commercial Real Estate
  • Employee Issues and Employee Handbooks
  • Small Claims
  • Purchase of other Small Businesses or their Assets