About Government Enforcement and Corporate Investigations

Virtually all industries face scrutiny by the federal and state governments. These industries include entities that contract with the government, life sciences companies, and a large variety of health care entities, including hospital systems, physician practice groups, long term care providers, hospices, home health agencies, and pharmacies. Any business that is subject to regulations by state or federal government can require legal expertise in government enforcement actions or investigations.

The Government Enforcement and Corporate Investigations Section works with these clients to proactively identify government enforcement risk areas, investigate internally identified risks with the goal of preventing the escalation of such issues, respond to government information requests, and handle civil, criminal, and administrative investigations, litigation, enforcement actions, and settlements, when they occur.

We also guide clients contemplating business transactions by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and establishing internal safeguards to minimize the likelihood and possible impact of investigations and actions.

We assist clients in evaluating and managing risks in the following areas:

  • The False Claims Act (“FCA”), including whistleblower claims brought under the qui tam provisions of the FCA;
  • Anti-Kickback law and other federal civil and criminal statutes related to government contracting including Medicare billing and reimbursement;
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations;
  • The Controlled Substances Act, including diversion;
  • The Stark law; 
  • The Food Drug and Cosmetic Act; 
  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; 
  • Environmental Protection Laws; and
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration Laws.