Class Actions Law
Class Actions Law

Class Actions

Our Knowledge in Class Actions

von Briesen’s attorneys provide vigorous, cost-effective, and efficient representation to clients facing class actions in state and federal courts. Our expertise is equally solid in representing business clients who want to explore or bring class claims.

From the moment a class action is threatened or filed, we investigate the action’s legal and factual merits to make informed decisions regarding defense of the claims before our client incurs unnecessary litigation expenses. Our attorneys also understand that class certification can be the pivotal moment in a class action, and we immediately and continually focus on developing the record and making the legal arguments available to defeat or limit class certification. Should the case proceed past the initial stage, our team includes experienced trial and appellate attorneys prepared to try the case, pursue appeals, and ensure that our client’s due process rights are thoroughly protected.

If a client believes they are part of a large group of businesses or individuals that have been harmed, we can explore whether a class action is both substantively appropriate and in the client’s interest. If the answer to both is “yes,” we can effectively prosecute the claim on a class basis.

Because von Briesen’s class action team includes attorneys with diverse backgrounds and substantive experience, we provide creative, cost-effective, and meaningful representation in any type of class action. Our recent experience includes serving as lead and local counsel in class actions alleging unfair competition, breach of warranty and other product liability claims, medical record fee overcharges, FDCPA violations, TCPA violations, securities fraud, consumer fraud, privacy violations, civil rights violations, environmental contamination, employment discrimination, ADA accessibility, and wage and hour collective/class hybrid actions.


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