Product Liability Law
Product Liability Law

Product Liability

Our Knowledge in Product Liability

von Briesen’s Product Liability Section has both broad and deep experience in a wide variety of product liability cases. Lawyers in the group have defended and tried cases involving all types of industrial machinery and equipment, numerous commercial and consumer products (including automobiles), medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to defending and trying individual products, group members have served as national defense coordinating counsel for numerous clients in product liability cases.

Risk avoidance is a key component for addressing product liability. Our team can assist in educating, drafting and counseling with decision-makers to recognize and reduce risk before it becomes a financial challenge.

As claims are presented, our product liability lawyers have handled cases at both the trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts in jurisdictions across the United States. In many instances, our lawyers have obtained dismissal or summary judgment for our clients prior to trial. As a result of our extensive product liability experience, we have regular contact with a broad range of numerous expert witnesses upon whom we can draw in providing a top-notch product liability defense.

Our product liability lawyers also have broad experience in counseling clients regarding risk management and preventative measures to avoid or reduce risks associated with their product and to avoid potential litigation. Projects in this area include risk training presentations, advice regarding product recalls, product modification, warnings, recommendations regarding material safety data sheets, consumer/customer interaction and claims handling, and the monitoring of medical and legal developments in particular areas. The team also conducts due diligence investigations to evaluate future risk, especially for acquisitions.

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