Sep 16 2009

New Information Available on WHA’s Hospital Quality and Safety Web Site

The Wisconsin Hospital Association’s (WHA) CheckPoint web site, which provides information to the public concerning hospital quality and safety of care information, has announced that new information is now available. Through the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) measures, the public can now see information that reflects hospital care practices aimed at reducing the risk of infection and blood clots after surgery. SCIP measures, which are used by hospitals throughout the United States to monitor and improve care, include the following:

  • Percent of surgery patients given an antibiotic within 1 hour before surgery

  • Percent of surgery patients given the right kind of antibiotic

  • Percent of surgery patients whose antibiotics were stopped within 24 hours after surgery

  • Percent of heart surgery patients whose blood sugar is kept under control in the days right after surgery

  • Percent of surgical patients that had their hair removed using a safer method

  • Percent of surgical patients that had treatments ordered to prevent a blood clot

  • Percent of surgical patients that received treatment to prevent a blood clot within 24 hours before or after surgery

    Hospitals voluntarily report the information contained on CheckPoint. Currently, 128 Wisconsin hospitals report to CheckPoint, and CheckPoint’s web site explains that these 128 hospitals provide care to 99% of the state’s patients. CheckPoint may be accessed by clicking here.